Dive headfirst into the Mediterranean with a refreshing rosemary fizz that'll replenish your soul


5cl Illusionist Dry Gin

3,5cl freshly squeezed lemon juice

2,5cl homemade rosemary syrup

16-18cl Soda

Rosemary sprig and a lemon zest

The Rosemary Fizz

Combine above elements except the soda and garnish into a shaker with ice, and shake 15 seconds until chilled. Strain into longdrink glass and top off with soda.

Then to garnish and complete this drink, add a rosemary sprig or a lemon zest. Et voilà!



Those who want to make their own rosemary syrup can mix equal parts of sugar and water in a pan. Heat the ingredients and bring them to a boil. Continue stirring until all the sugar has dissolved. Once you remove the pan from the burner, you can add a sprig of rosemary. After the syrup has spent a full hour steeping, you can discard the rosemary and use your homemade rosemary syrup.

Illusionist Dry Gin is the perfect base for your rosemary fizz, along with rosemary syrup and lemon juice as the primary modifiers. You’ll also need ice, club soda, and lemon zest to make this super refreshing cocktail.


The dream of creating a flavorful and aromatic dry gin known for its floral and fruity profile is what inspired The Illusionist Dry Gin’s creators, Tim Steglich and Max Muggenthaler. Tim and Max spent the first year testing recipes served in private gatherings and used insights to perfect their custom Illusionist Dry Gin recipe. Illusionist Dry Gin became so popular that we upgraded production equipment in 2018 and have expanded to offer distribution to the United States.

From the start, we focused on superior ingredients sourced from the best locations around the globe. Every ingredient ensures a flavorful, fully organic spirit for consumers to savor.


Our Illusionist Dry Gin is also a visual spectacle. One of the botanicals in our recipe, the butterfly pea flower, lends the gin its natural blue hue. When combined with different liquids, this natural colorant turns into different shades, which is why Illusionist Dry Gin turns into a stunning pink shade when mixed with tonic water. Cocktail enthusiasts and bartenders love the visual transformation and exquisite taste, making Illusionist Dry Gin a popular spirit served in both homes and bars.


The Illusionist Dry Gin uses the finest organic ingredients in each batch of gin. The 16 botanicals in our custom recipe include angelica root, chamomile, lavender, and lemongrass.

Angelica root from Bulgaria adds to the sweet aroma. Its earthy, bitter, and sweet taste is similar to the taste of juniper berries.

Our chamomile herbs come from Egypt and enhance the sweet side of our gin recipe. Chamomile delivers a taste like honey and apples and contributes to the fruity aroma associated with Illusionist Dry Gin.

Lavender is an herb we import from France. Lavender has a bitter taste if used in large quantities, but when perfectly measured, it enhances the mint and rosemary flavors in dry gin.

Lemongrass adds to the citrusy taste profile of Illusionist Dry Gin and delivers a lemon mint flavor to our recipe. Lemongrass isn’t as bitter as lemons, but it does have the tangy taste associated with the fruit. The Illusionist Dry Gin buys lemongrass from superior growers in Egypt.

Rosemary fizz is an excellent cocktail to serve at a summer barbecue. The refreshing, light, sweet taste makes it a perfect backyard party beverage. It’s a simple gin cocktail to make, enabling you to supply refills in a snap. Rosemary fizz is also ideal for a cocktail party with colleagues or friends. Combining Illusionist Dry Gin and lemon juice turns the gin from blue to purple to pink, creating an impressive display for party guests.

If you want an exquisite, flavorful gin cocktail that’s easy to make, rosemary fizz is an excellent choice. Refine your rosemary fizz cocktail recipe with our Illusionist Dry Gin and start serving these impressive cocktails today.

You’ll need a cocktail shaker and a glass to mix a rosemary fizz. Shakers are stainless steel containers used to mix the cocktail’s ingredients quickly. Some cocktail shakers come with a jigger, which you can use to measure your ingredients when combining them in the shaker. In the United States, standard cocktail jiggers have half-ounce and one-ounce measurements.

You’ll need a strainer when pouring the cocktail mix into the glass. A strainer prevents food or ice from passing through to the glass with the beverage.

The Illusionist Rosemary Fizz calls for 5cl of gin, 3,5cl freshly squeezed lemon juice, 2,5cl rosemary syrup, and ca. 16cl Soda. For our friends in the United States who will typically refer to ounces, use 4oz of gin, 1oz fresh lemon juice, 1oz rosemary syrup, and 6oz soda water.

It can also be easy to convert the recipe using parts as follows:

Ten parts Illusionist Dry Gin
Seven parts fresh-squeezed lemon juice
Five parts rosemary syrup
Soda water

Gin fizz drinks have been a popular option with cocktail lovers for decades. The rosemary fizz delivers a citrusy, bubbly, herbal flavor in a light, refreshing cocktail, making it the perfect drink for any adult to enjoy on a hot summer day. Some rosemary fizz recipes call for honey and rosemary sprigs instead of rosemary syrup, but whether you use honey or syrup, you’re still leaning into the sweetness with this gin cocktail.

Rosemary fizz is your next gin cocktail go-to for entertaining guests or just relaxing on a warm summer day. Ideal for amateur and professional mixologists, a rosemary fizz is a light, fresh beverage that will have you calling for a refill.

Follow a recipe using your preferred measuring system. Combine the gin, lemon juice, rosemary syrup, and ice in your shaker. Once the measured ingredients are inside the shaker, you can attach the airtight, leak-proof lid. Spend 15 seconds shaking the shaker to mix the ingredients thoroughly.

Once you’ve mixed the ingredients, open the shaker and pour the contents through a strainer into a drinking glass. Top the ingredients off with club soda. A rosemary sprig and lemon zest make the perfect garnish, and once you add them, you’re ready to serve and enjoy this Illusionist staple!