An irresistible, simple-to-make classic cocktail that’s been around since the 1800's


4cl Illusionist Dry Gin

12-16cl Tonic Water

Rosemary sprig or orange zest

Illusionist Gin & Tonic

Pour one part Illusionist Dry Gin into a highball glass with ice. Fill the glass with three to four parts of tonic water. Wrap an orange zest around a rosemary sprig for the perfect serve.



The Illusionist Dry Gin is blue, but it doesn’t stay that way. This refreshing blue gin transforms into a pink elixir when combined with tonic water, creating a visual spectacle. This transformation is one reason bartenders love serving Illusionist Dry Gin. Bartenders and gin enthusiasts also appreciate the superior quality of every batch of Illusionist Dry Gin.

The Illusionist Dry Gin is the perfect base for your Gin & Tonic. The Illusionist Gin & Tonic is our house staple, and you won’t hesitate to add this unforgettable classic to your arsenal of cocktail recipes once you try it. A classic G&T has two core ingredients plus a garnish, making it a straightforward recipe for both new and experienced mixologists.

A Little History of the

Illusionist Dry Gin started with a dream of creating a rich blue gin featuring a fruity and floral taste and aroma. We searched around the world for superior ingredients and spent a year hosting private social gatherings with select individuals as we perfected our recipe. The Illusionist started in the locale Glockenbach of Munich. We constructed a homemade pot still in 2016 and upgraded it in 2018 as demand increased for our citrusy blue gin with a tart kick. Now, The Illusionist Dry Gin delivers an alluring organic gin to consumers around the globe who are ready for new flavor adventures.


Gin & tonic is a famous gin cocktail that is easy to make, enabling mixologists of all skill levels to unravel the secret of The Illusionist and deliver a flavorful masterpiece every time.

It is also a perfect cocktail for a Fourth of July party because it is, at times, white, blue, and red. Mixing gin and tonic is a patriotic display perfect for backyard barbecues, pool parties, and intimate Fourth of July celebrations. Start with clear ice to represent white. Pour in your blue gin and then add tonic water to turn your beverage pink. Adding frozen strawberries and raspberries gives your cocktails that red pop of color, but you can also add blood orange juice and orange liqueur to mix a G&T with a red hue.

Citrus fruits include lemons, mandarin oranges, sweet oranges, grapefruits, clementines, and limes. We customize a proprietary blend of citrus fruits imported from Spain to give the Illusionist Dry Gin it's citrus profile. Citrus fruits contain natural sugars and acidic juice, giving them a sweet and sour taste. Our cranberries come from exceptional growers in Germany. Cranberries deliver a sharp, tart taste, enhancing the sour side of our Illusionist Dry Gin recipe.

Every ingredient in Illusionist Dry Gin is organic. There are 16 botanicals used, including herbs, fruits, and spices. The spices featured in our recipe enhance the flavor and aroma of our Illusionist Dry Gin and include cardamom, mace, and ginger.

Cardamom is a spice that combines the aromas of eucalyptus with mint and pepper. It delivers a citrusy zing and has a sweet, warm taste. Illusionist Dry Gin uses cardamom sourced from the finest growers in Guatemala.

Mace is similar to nutmeg, although its flavor concentration isn’t quite as intense. Mace also features black pepper and cinnamon in its profile, and its sweet taste delivers a hint of citrus and pine. Our mace comes from India.

Ground ginger is milder than ginger root and has a sweet and spicy flavor. We import ginger from the best organic ginger producers in China.

The base of our two-ingredient masterpiece is Illusionist Dry Gin. Combine one part gin with the tonic water of your choice. Tonic water is the modifier, and you can make a G&T with three parts or four parts tonic water. If you're not sure how much gin you want in your drink, it’s a great idea to experiment with your recipe to discover the perfect ratio to suit your taste.

Tonic water is carbonated and sweet, but the quinine gives it a bitter kick. The sweet and sour taste perfectly complements Illusionist Dry Gin, and the bubbliness of tonic water increases the amount of flavor the beverage delivers via scent and taste, which is why you might want to consider a tonic that’s extra bubbly if you use a lot of ice.

It should not be forgotten that your choice in tonic water and drastically change the outcome of your Gin & Tonic. At The Illusionist Distillery, we recommend Fever-Tree Indian Tonic, Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic, or Fentimans Connoisseurs Tonic Water. Fever-Tree was made to be a cocktail modifier, which is one reason it’s a fantastic choice when perfecting your gin & tonic recipe.

The Illusionist Dry Gin recipe calls for 4cl of Illusionist Dry Gin, which is equal to 40ml, and 12 to 16cl of tonic water, which is 120 to 160ml.

In the United States, gin enthusiasts use ounces to measure liquids, so American gin enthusiasts would combine 2oz of Illusionist Dry Gin with 6 to 8oz of the chosen tonic.

A classic G&T is a fantastic gin cocktail, but there are plenty of other exceptional gin cocktails you can serve. Combine gin, lime juice, and ginger marmalade to make The Illusionist K.I.S.S. and serve it with a lemongrass stem garnish. You can also combine Illusionist Dry Gin and vermouth to make The Illusionist Martini. Our cocktail page has dozens of sweet and sour cocktail recipes.